In Greece we all know what Olympus stands for, it is the tallest mountain of our country.
In greek mythology it was the home of the twelve Gods of Olympus, where they were living, also where all myths started from…

Our logo is consisting of the Olympus word, with the combination of the shield that Spartans used to hold, when battling against tremendus enemies…
Who hasn’t heard the story of Leonidas and his 300 soldiers against numerous Persians!

Our sunglasses do what Spartan shield did in the past for our Spartans, it is for protection!

All of our sunglasses are designed in Italy and have CE that cover all European union specs.
All of the models are UV400 for this exact reason. We also invested a lot of time in researching furthermore for addition aspects of protecting our eyes.
We succeeded by finding also the way to protect our own eyes of the harmful blue light protection, which is obvious in all aspects of our everyday life, with all the computers and mobile phones that we are all using for working or for spending our free time, socialising on media or playing videogames, watching our series or a film on our huge tv, etc…!

Our brand was established in Thessaloniki , Greece in 2020. It is a new project , aiming as well to broaden greek culture to all people around the world .
Our aim to make our brand known worldwide, by forwarding the greek names of our sunglasses, at the best price and quality ratio. It would be great for you to be part of this mission. Each model carries a unique name from greek mythology, carrying a huge history behind it.
We like that foreign companies are using greek culture to name their own products , despite the fact that we Greeks continue to forget about our past…
We want this to stop and deliver our greek culture worldwide, with this innovation project!
Apart from this, with great pleasure we announce that at the end of 2020 we will deliver 10% of our profits to charity organisations., to support people that are actually in great need.